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Do you know how many shares your Kickstarter is getting?

How about how many shares you need to reach your goal? Most successful projects get between 1k-5k social shares. On average every single share brings between $5-$20 in revenue. Pledge With A Share offers you tools that help you encourage more people to share your project, which translates into more pledges for you.

Stop wasting money on Facebook ads

Social shares are directly correlated with campaign success. That's why most project creators turn to Facebook first when it comes to promoting their project. But Facebook ads are often so expensive that most creators won't be able to reach a positive ROI on their ads. And even if they do, their remaining profit margin is so slim that the whole Facebook strategy is barely worth it.

Collect emails from people who like your Kickstarter

Email marketing is the most powerful sales tool, yet Kickstarter only allows you to collect emails from backers. But what if you could collect emails not just from your backers, but from everyone? Pledge With A Share lets you do just that. Collect visitor emails seamlessly with support for double opt-in, view your campaign's subscribers and export them to .csv for later use.

You have a pledge goal - but do you have a share goal?

There's a reason why Kickstarter uses custom goals to increase pledges: they work. Goal motivate people and crowdfunding is all about motivation. Just like a pledge goal increases your pledges, a share goal increases your shares, which translates into even more pledges for your project. With Pledge With A Share you know how many shares you're getting and you can set an appropriate share goal.

Keep marketing your product long after your Kickstarter is over

People will keep discovering your project long after your campaign is over. With the Unlimited addon you can keep marketing to those people forever. Coupled with the Email addon, this will provide you with new targeted email subscribers each and every month. Just make sure all your links point to your Pledge With A Share page so that people view this before going forward to your Kickstarter.

Unparallelled bang for your buck

Even at the most expensive tier of $796, Pledge With A Share can make you save a lot of money compared to relying exclusively of ads. Most successful campaigns get between 1k and 5k social shares, and on average every single share translates into $5-$20 revenue. By not using Pledge With A Share you're potentially missing out on tens of thousands of dollars of extra pledges.